Microcat LIVE Toyota

Microcat LIVE Toyota 1.13

Stores, manages and presents car dealership data
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Create and maintain a database of Toyota vehicles for sales and acquisitions management. It stores all relevant files and regularly accesses the official database for updates on available models and parameters. Logs and records of previous sales are kept.

The all new Microcat LIVE introduces dealerships to the freedom of no discs, no dongles, and no delays for OEM data updates. Whether it's access to the latest automaker data or the freedom to get creative with your selling strategies.

Some features in Microcat LIVE are enhanced from Microcat DVD and some are brand new.

- New Streamlined User Interface - fewer clicks mean you can navigate faster and access parts data more efficiently.
- Parts Data Grid Display - displays all core OEM part data required so you can perform quicker interpretation and place orders instantly.
- Marquee Selection of parts on image - select multiple parts on the image and send them to the Order List.
- Display Illustration and Parts Data Side by Side - ability to toggle from landscape display to portrait display means greater flexibility to select a display that suits you.

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